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Music Monday

Tunes to help Ignite and inspire

Ignite your Senses

How many of us listen to music? If you don't you're missing out. And it comes in many forms and genres. Growing up I was exposed to lots of different music. For me it was always exciting to hear different sounds from what we would hear in our day to day lives or from the culture we grew up in. Ive always had a different ear that appreciated multiple genre's and artist with versatility in their music.

Memories & Music

My iTunes library is full of playlist that I have curated for my listening pleasures. Because of course it depends on the mood or vibe we are feeling. We count on the music to uplift our mood or help us cope with the person that maybe broke our hearts. We have memories and moments attached to songs and music. Cookouts and holiday's, even waking up on a Saturday to the sounds of your mothers favorite tunes and the smell of cleaning products in the air. Music has been there for every moment.

Lets make new memories together! Right here, meet me for Music Monday, where I will share a different playlist and new music from my faves with you guys! It's all in hopes to inspire you guys the way i have been inspired by music! Especially during these times we can use a little music pick me up! Happy Monday! Don't forget to subscribe below! Love you Muse.


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